Tired of Cleaning?

Labfors 5 with LabCIP -The first self-cleaning and self-sterilising bench-top bioreactor in the world. » Read more!

Your Winning Process at a Glance

Multifors 2 – Parallel bioreactor on a small space » Read more on our Bioreactor overview

Shake like a pro

More than results with an incubator shaker from the market leader! » Read more on our Shaker overview

High Yield with a Small Footprint

The new Minitron incubator shaker features high performance in minimum space. >> Read more!

Proud to be in the USA

On January 1st 2014, INFORS HT opened new offices in the USA. » Read more about us

Welcome to INFORS HT in the USA

Incubator Shakers and Bioreactors for Reliable and Efficient Clutivations. » Read more about us

Would you like to get a step ahead?

Optimise your bioprocess with an INFORS HT bioreactor! » Read more on our Bioreactors overview

Need a little more room for your CHO cells?

From clone screening to protein production - Multitron Cell is the standard in cell culture. » Read more on our Shaker overview

Your Entry into Shaken Cell Culture!

The latest INFORS HT shaker, the Celltron has been especially developed for use in CO2 incubators. » Read more on our Shaker overview